Vegan Diet How To: Guide to Greatness

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they face a challenge that they were not ready for or that they did not want to face. This challenge comes in many forms, It can be quitting a job that you have been working for as long as you can remember to carve out a new path in life or leave a relationship that you have been in for countless years because no matter how much effort you put in it will never be successful, etc.

For you the Vegan diet may be that being challenge. This could be the life altering obstacle that changes everything for you, or maybe its just something you want to try, either way a good guide is the best way to start on the unknown.

When dealing with any problem I believe it is always best to not only use your mind, but the minds of everyone around you as well. Thankfully you have found My Asparagus Tips so you have access to my mind as well and I am going to walk you through the Vegan Diet How to.

What Type of Person Are You

This may not seem important, but it plays a very large role in your Vegan diet how to. It will be the main indicator of the best course of action in regard to getting on track with your new diet and even more important staying on track.

We all have different personalities and a different way of doing things but I believe that most if not all people procrastinate. Successful and rich people generally procrastinate when it comes to enjoying life on a more basic level. I only mention this because many people believe that because someone is rich or successful that they don’t procrastinate. Being successful in one avenue doesn’t mean you are successful in all others.

For instance if someone is incredibly fit and works out every day but never gets around to monetizing it in some form (procrastination). Their overall fitness may not alter the health issue that accompany the stress of not being able to pay bills or take care of their family etc.

Procrastination is the lead ball attached to the ankle of many of us, if not all of us, in some form. In order to be successful at this diet or anything else without a given deadline we must defeat it.


The Chain that Binds

Procrastination comes in all shapes in forms. It is your mind that holds you back 99% of the time and you have to get past whatever blocks you have before proceeding. Honestly, the reading of this article may be another step in the procrastination of many, but we will stop it here.

Instead of thinking about every aspect of the diet, and then researching further after the article you are reading now and the ones that follows. Then preparing for a week or two, possibly trying to get friends or family to join you on your journey, waiting for them to do the research and prepare as well.

Just skip all the middle task, share this with whoever may be interested and then forge your own path. I promise you if you focus on yourself the results will come and people will want to know how you did or what you did.

The issue is most of us would procrastinate on everything if there were no deadlines and diets generally don’t come with one. Think about it, if you were given 6 reports to compile in college or at work and there was no deadline and there were no immediate negative effects of not doing the work and you didn’t know of any immediate rewards you would never do it.

I will help you with this. Your deadline to start your new diet is today. The reward will be a healthier and better you tomorrow. Every avalanche starts with just a bit of snow at the right place and the right time.


Addiction or Moderation

These are the only categories I will place people in today. Too many choices and people start getting out of control with where they fit and individuality. Look at what happened with the once basic introvert and extrovert model. I will have none of it.

The category you fit in will be a different approach to your diet. It is based on one very fundamental principle, that could be considered arbitrary, but that neither here nor there. When you get in a pool do you take the stairs or do you jump in?

Answer this without thinking, there is only one answer for you at this given time. Do not think of what the past version of you or the future version of you would do, the present you reading this article today is the you we are focused on. You have to be honest with yourself for this to work and only you know the right answer.

If you picked jump in you will follow the free fall method, if you picked take the stairs you will follow the pyramid method.

Free Fall Method

If you choose this method you are going to jump into the Vegan Diet full throttle. The free fall method is for more addictive personalities. You generally like to get up and go as opposed to wait around. If you are switching your diet because of your health reason this will be your method as well because time is of the essence

The easiest way to start is to throw out all non vegan foods in the house (if you live by yourself of course, we don’t need any unsolicited conflict). If you have roommates or live with loved ones etc you will do this in your mind instead. Mentally rid yourself of all things non-vegan.

Pyramid Method

If you chose this method you are going to moderately enter your Vegan Diet. Think of this as a pyramid you are climbing down from. Every week (or every few days depending on how quickly you want to progress) you will choose an animal meat or animal by product and discard it from your diet for good.

The Goal for now is to become Vegan in a sustainable fashion for you. I generally find that some people are not capable of reversing their diet overnight and will revert back to their old ways due to cravings and a lack of discipline or focus. This method will prevent that.

Both Methods

Next you will visit Cheat Sheet for the Health Conscious and Vegan food list Alternatives. to create a shopping list of items you want to incorporate into your diet and purchase them at your earliest convenience.

Change Your eating Habits

Once you start your transition to a Vegan you will find yourself getting full from less food but also burning through it quicker. You need to be prepared for this as well as possible sleeping habits changes from metabolism increase and more soluble vitamins and minerals the body will acquire.

Free Fall Eating/Drinking

You will want to eat more throughout the day around 6- 8 times daily. Keep snacks on hand so you don’t get cravings mid day. Snack can be fruit, vegetables, nut butters, nuts or seeds, small salads, whole juices, smoothies etc.

You want to keep your body burning calories so don’t eat until your full but just until your satisfied. Once you get hungry again repeat the process. This will help your metabolic rate which generally comes hand in hand with a better physique so congratulations are in order.

As far as drinks go I am not here to stop anyone from having a good time but be reasonable regarding alcohol and if you don’t see results start to cut down immediately, especially beer/malt liquors. You want to be drinking around half your body weight in water(oz) daily (Ex if you are 150lbs 75oz of water) Spread it out through the day or its pointless.

Pyramid Eating/Drinking

You will be eating your vegan items before your conventional items with every meal or snack. This is a must and will make or break your transition. It will help you get full faster while also making sure the vegan elements are being consumed multiple times daily.

It is also very important that you keep only vegan snacks with you. You will eat this instead of fast food. If you do eat fast food you will cut this down from whatever amount of times you had fast food last week by 25% every week until you are down to 1 time a week if it is a vegan restaurant or no fast food at all.

You will be transitioning away from sugary drinks and sodas as well effective immediately. You need to give up soda by week 3 and any other sugary bottle drinks (Gatorade, powerade, vitamin water etc) by week 5. Also, you want to be drinking about 60% of your weight in ounces of water daily (ex. your weight (200) x .60 = 120oz of water). As far as alcohol goes, you know your body, try not to drink to excess and try to limit your beer and malt liquor intake.


Your Mind is The Mission

This may seem difficult at first but your mind is the only obstacle. Once you make the decision and you accept the deadline i am giving you, your home free. The Vegan Diet How to steps are very straight forward, you just have to focus on the task at hand and do it, instead of thinking of why it will be hard, or wondering if you will be able to do it.


  1. Set a deadline (Start Today)
  2. Pick a Method: Free Fall or Pyramid
  3. Using the Articles provided make your grocery list
  4. Change Your Eating Habits
  5. Change Your Drinking Habits

Remember, this isn’t a life sentence and it shouldn’t be treated as such. This is nothing more than a current choice. If you pick up some healthier habits after going full vegan and want to incorporate some fish, meat or anything else back into your diet that is your story. My goal is for you to be healthier, more active, stronger, etc by adding plants, or plant based products to your diet long term.

As Always, It was a Pleasure

Stan- Founder Asparagus Tips


  1. I have been wanting to go vegan for quite some time for various reasons. I thought I could just dive into it, but I am thinking now that the pyramid is probably the best. Going to bookmark and take a look around your site. Great information!

    1. Hello,
      Yes, I believe that not everyone is made to jump directly into complete diet styles unless of course circumstances call for it, or they like to jump into to all new things. Transitioning to veganism is much easier on the psyche if done at a place suitable for the person making the switch. And of course come back anytime to take a look at any of the plan based articles we would love to have you.
      Thank you for dropping by.

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