Maca Benefits for Men: Why You Need This Superfood

Maca is one of those superfoods that has just started showing how impactful it can be in the daily lives of the consumer. Its popularity has sky-rocketed due to this fact and it has not disappointed to any degree.

This is not a hyped up supplement from a fitness company or a powder that slightly boost N.O. to help with fitness gains. Maca is the real deal and the Maca root benefits for men are real. I can tell you that from my personal experience and the experience of those I recommended the supplement to for training and or daily life.


What is Maca Root

Maca has been around for thousands of years and has been known as Peruvian Ginseng. It is used throughout Peruvian cooking giving a delicious earthy quality to their dishes (you will know exactly what I am talking about if you’ve had it in a dish before).

The plant itself is cruciefous and full of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. It is in the same family as broccoli, cabbage and wasabi etc. It grows above 13000 feet in the Andes Mountains, in very harsh conditions.

The only part of the Maca plant we will be focusing on is one of the few parts that is edible. The root. It is very similar to a turnip in shape and size and sometimes color as well. The root itself comes in a series of different colors, red, black and yellow being the main variations.

How Maca is Consumed

All maca roots have the same general benefits for men however, some variations are better for certain benefits than others and when that is the case I will inform you of that.

The Maca root is generally in powdered form after the root itself is dried. This is considered the raw form, it is also offered in liquid form as well as a gelatinized capsule form as well for those whose bodies are not receptive to the raw powder. I have only tried the powdered form and I believe it is the purest way to consume the superfood as well as the easiest and most cost effective.

Obviously the liquid and capsule form can be taken with a glass of water or by itself if that’s what your into. Powdered form can be added to tea, water, smoothies, whole juices, oatmeal and other hot cereals etc.

Nutritional Value

Maca root powder is widely used in the Vegan diet due to being a plant-based nutritional gold mine. It is home to a wide variety of nutrients, micro nutrients and is incredibly rich in bio-active proteins.Maca root powder has just began to make its rounds into conventional diets and for good reason.

It is the residence to an abundance of amino acids, over 20 to be exact, including the 8 essential amino acids. It also contains Glucosinolates and Polyphenols which will turn into the bodies increased natural defense system.


These spectacular compound is essentially an all natural and healthy antibiotic that can be used consistently as it occurs naturally within the body and isn’t an artificial compound. They are world renowned when it comes to maintaining your health. Glucosinolates are broken down inside the body forming metabolites.

This is the substance that increases the metabolism and creates different enzymatic reactions the results in the antibiotic effect. These play a large role in alleviating fungal, viral and bacterial infections throughout the body consistently. Hopefully leading to a consistent clean bill of health if maca is taken regularly.


These are the champions of the antioxidants. They are micro-nutrients that help manage weight while also warding off cardiovascular disease, digestive ailments, neurodegenenrative disease and a wide array of other unfortunate afflictions. Polyphenols play a large role in keeping the body healthy

Recommended Dosage

The majority of the benefits of this superfood are based on consistent and sustained usage. With maca root being home to bio-active proteins, glucosinolates, polyphenols, fiber and a wealth of vitamins and nutrients alike, superfood is an understatement. I recommend a maximum dose of 1/4 of a cup daily which equals 4 tablespoons that I think should be spread throughout the day, at your leisure. The nutrients it provides are as follows:

  • 182 calories
  • 8 grams protein
  • 40 grams carbohydrates
  • 4 grams fiber
  • 2 grams of fat
  • Potassium (32% Daily Value)
  • Vitamin C (266% Daily Value)
  • Copper (168% Daily Value)
  • 8.2 milligrams iron
  • 3.2 milligrams niacin
  • 140 milligrams calcium
  • 0.6 milligrams vitamin b6
  • 0.4 milligrams manganese

Please take some time to let your body get acclimated to the supplement. Take a trial period of up to 2 weeks increasing in dosage to gauge how your body responds to the maca root powder. I would start with 1 teaspoon and than increase to 1 tablespoon a couple days later. Increase from there based on how you feel. Once you have the benefits are looking for you don’t need to increase the dose from there.


Unlimited Energy

Maybe not unlimited exactly but quite possibly limitless. The energy given from Maca root powder is very different from that attained from more artificial means. For instance caffeine (coffee, tea, energy drink, etc) Can give you a boost but that will generally come with jitters, and typically a crash. The energy from maca is given by preventing blood sugar spikes and crashes. This autonomy is key to energy maintenance and a sustained boost.

Mood and Focus

Maca root contains 20 amino Acids as well as the 8 essential amino acids. These play a large role in hormonal balance. Maca can regulate your adrenal health. The adrenal glands give your body hormones essential to life like cortisol (helps your body respond to stress of the body and mind) along with other non-essential hormones including adrenaline (helps your body in its reaction to the stress)

Imagine this, a life where your body is capable of adapting to stressors and reacting to them properly as they come. That is what maca root intends to implement in your body.

Your body and mind become kindred spirits and your mood enhanced and focus sharpened.

Testosterone Maximization and Fertility Booster

These root has been used for this exact reason since ancient times. The natives in the Peruvian mountain range have used it purely for its fertility properties for centuries with black maca root being more effective than the yellow and red variations.

More recent studies have shown that they were on the right track as many of the men taking the supplement increased in virility after sustained use for a couple months.

Maca root powder increases sperm count, production, formation and mobility, as well as giving testosterone a substantial boost. Essentially its special ops training for your sperm.

Maca root provides the body with nutrients that keep the endocrine system functioning at an optimal level so that testosterone production could be maximized. This can be considered a boost if your body is not generally balanced with all systems operating effectively.

Prostate Enlargement a Thing of the Past?

Over 15 million men in the US alone suffer from prostate hyperplasia or in more basic terms enlargement of the prostate causing pain, and urge urinating accompanied by a sense incomplete bladder emptying etc. This can obviously lead to much bigger issues including lack of kidney function, infection and more.

The maca root powder alters the androgen receptors that reside inside the prostate. This results in hormone control and prevention of the bind up that causes the prostate enlargement. Essentially maca powder can prevent prostate enlargement as well as reduce the enlargement of the prostate.

Bone Strength

With maca containing so many micro nutrients, vitamins and minerals it adds several layers of benefits including increasing bone strength, especially in those suffering from osteoporosis which generally hinders the elderly. With bone tissue and mass degrading with age maca root benefits all who use it.

With it being rich in nutrients like potassium, iron, calcium and magnesium maca can make your bones much stronger and prevent the growing risk of bone ailments down the road.

Muscle Growth and Development

Maca Benefits for Men

Maca root powder is very rich in protein and more importantly bio-active proteins. The best part of it is its natural meaning the body is capable of putting all of it to use easily. These bio-active proteins promote natural and sustainable muscle growth and repair.

When building muscle the fibers are torn and than repaired by fusing the fibers back together forming new muscle strands. This process of hypertrophy is said to be enhanced by maca root. Based on my personal experience this is true.

This along with the energy and focus increase it provides can lead to improvement in exercise performance and endurance, which can lead to larger yields in muscle growth and performance.

Keep in mind, the muscle and growth development has a larger basis on the effort you put in rather than the supplement itself. Your results will be directly related to the work. Work hard and the maca root will bless you with promising results.


Maca root can also increase sexual drive and desire. This is essential for those of you that may be on medications (anti-depressants, psycho-stimulants, depressants etc. Or those that may be suffering from erectile dysfunction. Maca has been used since ancient times for these exact reasons and has been said to help in these areas.

Not only that it also may increase your performance, boosting your physical stamina.


With maca being a supplement that deals in balancing hormones, please consult with your doctor if your are taking any hormone altering drugs to prevent any unattended effects from both being used.

If you have any thyroid issues you will also want to reach out to your physician as maca contains goitrogens, which are a substance that can impair thyroid function typically in those with thyroid problems.

Where Can I get it

There are multiple places where you can get Maca Root Powder. Some of the ones you can check are Whole foods, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, maybe Bristol Farms, any international food market, Farmers Markets or markets with diverse ethnic product selection, like a mom and pop Peruvian market. You should try and get black root maca powder as that is the one I found is best and delivers the best results.

If your like me, you get everything online, my top choices are based on what Ive tried, liked, and think is best for men, as well as the best price with a 4+ rating. They are as follows:

The powder from The Maca Team is my absolute favorite. After finding it I haven’t switched from it mainly because the company specializes in maca. its incredibly pure. I generally get the largest bag available, which is the 2.2 lb  because it’s more cost effective. If this is your first time using the supplement I suggest the 1 lb  bag.

The Organique Co. Black Maca is also fantastic, easily digested powder and great to use. This is what I was quite fond of before trying The Maca team nothing against their product, I just happen to like the powder from The Maca team a little more. Now, for a change of  pace NusaPure are probably the best black maca capsules available. They get raving reviews on amazon and are worth a try if you like capsules.

Lastly, another item from The Maca Team I recommend this only for men who like to take their supplements in liquid form or have a hard time digesting the powder. I don’t recommend the liquid over powder or capsule for any other circumstances because In my experience it is not as effective. However, I wanted to give you the option if you prefer liquid supplements.

Benefiting from the Superfood

As I mentioned earlier in the article, make sure you ease into your use of maca root powder. I know some people are like me and jump into everything full throttle however, when it comes to your body you should take it slow for the first couple days at least.

If you deal with some stomach pain or any digestive issues from the raw maca powder, you might be someone who has difficult digesting raw starches, switch to another form of the supplement if you need to.

Let me know of any problems you had using maca, positive results and the like below, or just tell me how you felt about the article.

As always, it was a pleasure.

Stan- Founder Asparagus Tips






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