Juicing: Weight Loss The Easy Way

Juicing has been a new and very real fad in the world recently. Its best quality being the ease with which one can consume a very large amount of nutrients. Specifically, the wide variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, micro nutrients and plant-based compounds and pigments found in fruits and vegetables (the most nutrient dense foods available), quickly and efficiently.

With its effectiveness in question, generally by people who have never tried this spectacular weight loss tool, I will make a point to discuss with you how to do it safely and without consequence, as I am a firm believer of its effectiveness and have used it to help clients lose a great deal a weight as well as using it myself for fun on numerous occasions.

I’ve used it after bulking up to cut down weight and get ripped as well as just as snacks through the day for nutritional content.

Juicing: Weight loss the easy way, will explain how you shed those pounds, shrink the waist and most importantly be more confident and happier about your outside appearance.

What Does Juicing Mean?

Juicing is merely the simple method of extracting liquid (juice) from vegetables and fruits while also removing the solid portion or the pulp and fiber (In most cases) of those plants during the same process. There are a few ways to do however I will only discuss three.


This is generally using a high-powered blender, like a Vitamix or Breville. This method typically results in higher fiber content and more nutrients however, it is less nutrient dense. What this means is with the same ingredients blending may create three cups of final liquid while juice will probably produce one.

How Blenders Work?

A motor spends the blades of the device using high powdered speed to create your juice by creating a vortex (similar to a tornado) pulling the contents you insert down and blending it with the air in the jar.

In this method, all the items you put in the blender is what you consume (pulp, skin, seeds) and it is much thicker similar to a smoothie, however natural drink buttons (mode) on blenders are made with a higher speed.

Masticating or Slow Juicer

These work much slower but much more efficiently than a centrifugal juicer creating what is often called cold-pressed juice. It is the most nutrient dense of the three methods.

How Masticating Juicers Work

It typically comes with just one gear and a blade and when plants (fruits and vegetables) are put inside of the feeding chute it automatically comes to life and begins to spin.

Masticating juicers essentially compresses the vegetables and in fruits within its tight confines and squeeze the juice out of the plant matter, without heat or high speeds. This method not only retains more juice from the fruits and vegetables it also retains quite a bit more juice.

One of my favorite masticating juicers of 2018 is the green star juicer.

Centrifugal Juicer

These are much higher speed juicers than the masticating version however, they are a bit less efficient. The juice created is more nutrient dense than blending natural juice, how less plentiful and less nutrient dense than masticating.

How Centrifugal Juicers Work


They typically have a rapidly spinning strainer at the bottom of a flat cutting blade that also is spinning at a high speed. When the plant matter is cut it is then pushed against the rotating strainer.

This is done using centrifugal force. The speed of the spinning creates the force pushing the juice downward which is separated from the pulp and fibrous content with the strainer.

Cheaper Centrifugal juicers will also introduce heat during this process as well as oxygen, possibly damaging some of the god enzymes, however with a quality juicer this will not be a factor.

Which Juicing method to use

The type of juicer you want to use is your choice, each one has its strength and weaknesses. The typical factor that depicts which method is used is generally price. However, please understand if you used a low end juicer or blender you will not attain the benefits required for weight loss.

Get the best type you can afford in whichever category. If you are deciding between a low end juicer and a low end blender always go with the juicer for weight loss purposes.

Typical Juicing

Juicing is a way to retain the mass of the nutrients from plants without any of the seeds, pulp, skin etc. This makes for a very nutrient dense cocktail, which is a necessity when it comes to losing weight properly.


Some people use juicing as a detox method. Using the basic logic that if you abstain from all other things (typically meat, processed grains, enriched items, food dye, high fructose corn syrup etc) and only consume juice that you will rid your body of those negative items.

I am not here to mislead anyone, your body will naturally detoxify itself on its own regardless of what you eat in most cases. The liver and the kidneys are here for that very reason.

The liver essentially breaks down harmful substances and excretes them into the bile and blood. Blood by products are then filtered out of the body, as urine, by the kidneys and bile by products through the digestive system as stool. But, you must also keep in mind that a conventional diet can put a strain on these organs as well as many others that help detoxify the body like skin.

The plant compounds, pigments, antioxidants and wide variety of other nutrients play a significant role in your bodies health. I will assume your body doesn’t typically receive these nutrients in such large amounts if at all, ans they will assist your body in maximizing the effectiveness of organ function, blood flow, oxygenation etc.

This by itself can aid greatly in enhanced bodily functions, increasing your energy and metabolism, how much you urinate and defecate (rid your body of toxin build up). Those basic features alone would have an overwhelming effect on weight loss. Now, aid onto that low caloric intake and more nutrient rich meals (drinks). Your body will run at optimal levels.

Juicing to Lose Weight

There are a couple ways to do this that we will go over. I go over the two that I’m sure will help you lose weight in the easiest fashion but, please understand a certain mental toughness is necessary for one of the diets in particular.

Incorporating Juice Into your diet daily

With this method it is quite clear what needs to be done based on the title. You need to add fresh juice into your diet. For the first week you will replace one of your meals with a juice. This juice will contain:

  • 3 servings of Dark Leafy Greens
  • 2 tablespoons chia seeds (added after)
  • 1 fruit
  • 2 super foods, my favorite are beets juiced or powder (benefits), and maca powder (benefits men, benefits women) some others are spirulina (powder), wheat grass etc.

You can find a list of a wide assortment of vegetables, fruits, sprouts etc (here) for use in your juices.

The easiest meal to replace in my opinion is the one most people skip, breakfast. The Best option is to make 5 days worth of juice at beginning of the week and just wake up and drink one daily. Replenish you’re juicing stock every 4 days so that you keep a decent supply and that you don’t make to many at one time and they go bad.

After one week incorporate 2 juices into your daily regimen. At this point you can make 10 drinks every five days and replenish once again every 4 days. You can either replace another meal or use one as a snack.

This method will help you lose weight effectively. It will happen a bit slower over a longer period but, it will be easier to maintain and more sustainable in most cases.

Switching to an all juice diet

With this method you will replace all of your solid meals and foods in your diet with fresh juice. This is where mental toughness will play a large role in your success.

Most people don’t understand their need to eat something hot, chew food. There is something about it that quells an appetite that most aren’t aware of. In most cases you will become aware of this fact during your all juice diet.

You will crave food solely to chew something or to have something warm vs craving food because you are hungry because the juices will satiate any true hunger your body feels. But, the hunger of the mind is much more intense. Your goal to lose weight must be stronger than your taste for food.

I mention this because if you go on an all juice diet for a limited time and fall apart and start eating heavy carbs, starches, fats and sugars etc, your body will retain all of them for as long as possible. This is the bodies defense against starving.

When switching to an all juice diet it will be unaware of whether it is being starved because of the sudden changes you made and due to this if food is consumed it will try to keep all the calories for the body to feed on to prevent weight loss (starvation).

Keep this is mind when deciding if an all juice diet is something you will be able to handle. For at least 3 juices daily they should contain:

  • 2 servings dark leafy greens
  • 2 tablespoons chia seeds
  • 1 fruit
  • 1 Vegetable
  • 1 Superfood (see above for choices)

For all the other juices throughout the day get creative and try new things. However, always keep the Standard Vegetable dark leafy green, sprouts etc count vs the sweet vegetables and fruit count 2:1 (Example: 1 apple = 2 servings of kale)

Typically, You can drink as much as you want to. Do this for about 2 weeks maybe 3 but always listen to your body. When that time is over you have to slowly transition back over to solid food (healthy food).

When juicing is done for a long enough time, your stomach will naturally shrink and your appetite with it, so as long as you eat only until you are satisfied (not until you are full) with healthy foods (try to stay away from processed items) your body won’t work against you in regards to weight gain.

The slow Transition will typically involve incorporating one solid meal back into your diet daily then after a couple of weeks based on your progress maybe two etc. Make sure these meals are protein and fiber rich.

Juicing: Weight Loss In Record Time

All you need to do is follow these instructions and pay attention to your body. Do not put yourself in an unhealthy position to try to lose weight. Believe in your power to do it and remain confident and focused on the goal.

Weight loss is not everything and should never jeopardize your health, don’t ever forget that, you are only as beautiful/handsome and fit as you believe you are.

As with all things a little bit of healthy exercise will always help in your weight loss goals.

There is much more to come regarding full juicing and exercise diet plans, workout plans and more, from things you can do at home to gym plans. Tell me what you think below and stay tuned.

As Always, It was a Pleasure

Stan -Founder Asparagus Tips





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