Green Star Juicer Review: Best Juicer Entering 2019

Juicing is one of the easiest ways to lose weight if done properly. I know this from experience as well as from training others and helping them achieve their weight loss goals with a combination of exercise and juicing.

Juicing is much more than just a means to weight loss. It gives your body a nutrient dense form of receiving many of the vitamins, minerals, plant compounds and pigments needed to remain healthy and keep the body operating at its maximum potential.

This could mean better organ function, helping remove free radicals and toxic cells from the body, like those from a number of disease including cancer. Juicing can be an all-natural remedy to many of the ailments that plague the earth.

After finding out how important and nutritious all natural juice was to the body I started juicing early, around 10 or 11. This was less of a discovery and more something that was forced on me by trainers, nutritionist etc. At this time I had already place in multiple junior Olympics and was a California state record holder in a couple events.

As I continued moving forward I implemented it into my diet on my own accord. During that time I have used a large demographic of high end juices, ones that I myself have owned or friends of mine, nutritionist etc. own. Either way I am going to discuss one of my favorites going into 2019, this is the green star juicer review.


 Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite Cold Press Complete Masticating Juicer, Juice Extractor with Jumbo Twin Gears, White

The fact that you have reached this page tells me that you have already done some research and you’re leaning towards the Green Star Elite Juicer.

I want you to know right away I am not trying to sell you on getting this juicer. I could truly care less whether you get this juicer or not. What I want is for you to live a healthier and more plant based lifestyle, and a good juicer happens to be the next step.

This one is one of my favorites and I happen to juice every day. Beets, rainbow carrots, and Kale mainly as those are my favorite but I have dabbled into a wide array over time. Unlike most, I will not compare it with other specific juicers. I will simply tell you the reasons why I like it, reason I think it would be a good addition to your kitchen, and reasons I think it may not be a good addition.


This is always the biggest thing for me. I make appliance put in their maximum effort and I feel confident using this daily as it comes with a 12-year warranty. Yes 12 whole years. I am always weary of the 1 or 2 year warranties because I feel if often used, an appliance will start to wear down functionally after that time frame and that’s the last thing anyone needs

Clean Up

This is always a big factor for me as well as I hate cleaning, and when dealing with juicers, unclean parts can lead to clogging and worse bacteria and mold. Luckily this one is very easy to clean vs some others I used. It has very few parts and also includes small cleaning utensils to help with clean up.

Quick cleaning for most also means a larger likelihood of juicing more often. At least it does for me. Think about it if every time you made a bowl a cereal it took 1 hour to clean up afterwards I am sure you would find ways to avoid cereal consumption altogether.

Adjustment Knob

This allows you to adjust the pressure that is exerted on what ever item is getting juicing. Essentially this means you can get the greatest yield regarding extraction, changing if for hard items (beets) vs softer ones (wheat grass). Most juicers run on a one size fits all regimen meaning, less juice extracted in a lot of cases.

This one a big plus for me. As I told you earlier, I juice beets daily and I want to get the most bang for my buck regarding extraction. Overtime this can equal me getting multiple cups of juice more than I would get with another leading juicer without this feature.

Dual Gear System

The dual gear system was a big factor in my decision to use this juicer. These are bio ceramic, stainless steel, magnetic twin gears resulting in the most complete extraction of juice, which sets this apart from other juicers in its class. The twin gears will masticate anything put through them, grinding and pressing any plant matter into its final drops of liquid.

I needed this system. This power is unknown to the average consumer and is the largest advantage this juicer has over all its competitors.

Slow RPM

This juicer operates around 110 RPMS. To most consumers this means nothing however, it is the key to having the healthiest and most delicious juice. Low RPMS means minimal oxidation of the nutrients from the plant matter.

To understand oxidation of fruits and vegetables a little better imagine an apple bitten and then left out or an avocado cut in half and left out. This oxidation (oxygen reacting with stable molecules and making them unstable) alters the taste of that fruit and does the same for juice.

Meaning if you care how your juice taste, then low RPMS are a necessity. If your one of those people arguing with me in your minds right now saying you don’t care about the taste, you’ll get through it. The more important aspect of oxidation is it can break down healthy molecules, vitamins and minerals, making the juice less nutritious as well. Slow RPMS is the way to go.


This way be important to some although I don’t care much for it so I won’t be singing its praises or going into too much detail however, there are add on accessories you can get as well as ones that come with the machine that allow for making nut butter, sorbets, pasta noodles, salsa, pesto etc… I have not intention of making these items with this machine as I have a vitamix for that, but it is a plus if you want some versatility.

I will repeat I have never used any of these accessories.

Why it may not be for you

  1. If you don’t plan on using this regular (at least a couple times a week) I don’t know if it is worth it at $500. Then again the 12-year warranty might make it worthwhile as $500 for a machine that you know will be of use for 12 years is not bad at all.
  2. This is a cold press juicer so you will have to push the items down to juice, if you are incredibly weak this may be an issue although I doubt
    it, the dual gears make it easier than most competitors.
  3. This juicer requires a bit more skill than your average one to operate efficiently, If you are not interested in taking a little time to figure
    it out, to get the most juice for your money, you should look

Why the Greenstar Elite Juicer may be for you

  1. Looking for a high end juicer, because you plan on incorporating healthy juices into your diet
  2. Want your juices cold-pressed
  3. Want to be comfortable using it for years to come (12-year warranty)
  4. Want one of the highest yields of juice you can get at the price point
  5. Liked everything you saw in the above article

Green Star Juicer Considerations

There are a wide variety of juicers available so keep that in mind when making your decision. I’m not a fan of giving star ratings to anything because its relative and not indicative of whether that item will be a good fit for someone else

If you like the reasons I picked it as a juicer and fall within the why it may be for you column, You should probably get it. I highly doubt it would disappoint you. Imagine an appliance that you can use non-stop for over a decade, getting it replaced whenever it slowed down or showed signs of wear and tear or quite possibly never replacing at all.

Tell me how you feel below and if you are searching for a juicer to shed some pounds then, Juicing: Weight loss the easy way, will be perfect for you.

As Always, It was a Pleasure.

Stan -Founder Asparagus Tips



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