Benefits of Beet Juice: The Elixir of Life

The beet is the bulbous root portion of the vegetable and is similar to a turnip or maca in shape and size. It has a very dark red pigment and is very sweet especially in comparison to its other root counterparts. In most cases it is loved or hated by the masses and if I were you based on the benefits of beet juice I would try to work it over into the loved category.

Beets have been around forever however, they didn’t receive the respect that they very much deserve until recently. Before recent years it was merely a side at the salad bar most passed over before arriving at dressings. That is until its many benefits became known and now it is a staple in most diets and these are the reasons why.

Health Benefits: Beet Juice

Beets are densely nutritious. Filled to the brim with vitamins, minerals, plant compounds and other nutrients. They are also a highly unique source of phytonutrients, a series of inflammation reducing, disease fight plant compounds that aid in human health.

Besides that beets contain an impressive dossier when it comes to the essentials, very close to all the vitamins and minerals one needs daily however, not in their full amounts.

1 cup of raw beets (200 grams) will typically yield the following

  • Calories: 88
  • Protein 3.2 grams
  • Fat 0.4 grams
  • Fiber 5.6 grams (11% Daily Value)
  • Potassium 650 mg (18% Daily Value
  • Vitamin C (16% Daily Value)
  • Vitamin B-6 (10% Daily Value)
  • Iron (8% Daily Value)
  • Magnesium (10% Daily Value)
  • Folate (40% Daily Value)
  • Phosphorus (12% Daily Value)
  • Manganese (32% Daily Value)

The low calories and high level of vitamins and minerals is why the root is so nutrient dense, making beet juice an amazing way to fill your body with nutrients without any negative payoff.

Beet juice is also filled with many more nitrates and pigment molecules that remain intact due to being juiced vs cooked making it more impactful and beneficial to your health.

Blood Pressure Neutralized

The majority of heart disease, heart failures and strokes are related to hyper tension and other blood pressure related issues. These ailments are the leading cause of premature death worldwide.

With high blood pressure (hyper tension) being the leading cause or at least on of the leading risk factors of these terrible issues its only natural that something that could lower blood pressure on a consistent basis would be revered. Beet juice is that something

Beet juice has been show to significantly lower blood pressure and not over the course of a year or multiple months. Studies have shown that it lowers pressure with hours, Yes, hours. This effect is strengthened due to the beet being consumed raw, making beet juice the perfect choice.

The main reason for this is nitric oxide. Beets contain enormous levels of dietary nitrates. These are what are converted into nitric oxide in the body, dilating the blood vessels or making them much wider for increased blood flow allowing the once small blood vessels that were restricting blood flow speed up the pace. This results in a significant blood pressure drop.

This effect is temporary in the fact that the N.O. does remain elevate in the blood forever. Beet juice must be consumed regularly for this effect to remain until the blood pressure lowers naturally from continued use and increased health, similar to muscle growth.

You can work out once and have your muscle swell up for a few hours but it takes consistency for the muscles to remain large and get stronger.

Fight Against Inflammation

Inflammation in most cases is a physical condition of any portion of the body consisting of often localized pain, reddening, swelling and heat generally caused from infection or injury for instance a fever or a sprained ankle.

Chronic inflammation is associated with peptic ulcers, asthma, heart disease, liver disease, cancer and even obesity. Beets contain high levels of betalains. Betalains are pigments that contain anti-inflammatory properties. Betalains cleaning up dead and or toxic cells in the body preventing them from becoming targets for disease.

They also contain antioxidant properties helping the body defend itself against free radicals that cause negative chain reactions in the body by taking electrons from healthy cells and strengthening the cells helping them resist toxins and bacteria.

Improve Athletic Performance

The improvement is a direct result of the dietary nitrates inside of the beet that cause N.O. Production. As I talked about above the nitric oxide lowers blood pressure however it does this by speeding up the blood flow due to the dilation of the blood vessel.

In essence this means more oxygen to the muscles while you workout which is results in being able to run faster, longer and harder. Or when working out allows the muscles to fatigue less, as they are being replenished with oxygen more readily and naturally.

This can mean peaks in endurance, speed, strength etc all from drinking beet juice daily. There have been multiple studies indicating this using high intensity exercise, cycling and running.

If this is a benefit you are striving for the recommended amount of beet juice is 16-18 ounces 2-3 hours before the workout or action which is when you will receive the maximum N.O. boost if you warm up and do other things before getting into the heavier load of the workout you will obviously want to alter the time accordingly to fit with when you want the biggest gains in which ever arena.

Increased Brain Function

This is another improvement directly related to the dietary nitrates inside of this super juice.

In the simplest form brain function can be directly related to oxygenation of the blood to some degree. Oxygen and brain function go hand in hand. If you don’t believe me allow someone to cut of your air supply, not enough to pass out but enough to restrict the flow of oxygen to your brain, you will fins yourself unable to think clearly, dizzy etc.

The brain relies very heavily on glucose to power all the neurons that control unconscious and conscious functions including, but not limited to planning, heart rate, digestion, thought, balance etc. The brain cells cannot metabolize glucose without oxygen and therefore more oxygen will directly result in faster metabolizing of glucose and enhanced brain function.

With age, cognitive and mental function began to decline based on several factors, depending on the individual. However, a reduction in oxygen and blood flow can definitely contribute to this decline and in some cases be the cause of it.

With beets providing the body increased blood flow and oxygenation by dilating the blood vessels, this can ultimately increase cognitive and mental function due to the increased blood and oxygen flow to the brain and as a result increase simple reaction time almost immediately.

In particular studies beets have been shown to drastically enhance blood flow to the frontal lobe. The frontal lobe is responsible for the most important cognitive functions in the human brain. This includes, language, memory, judgment, sexual behavior, problem solving etc. The Frontal lobe is directly linked to higher level thinking.

Digestive Health Improvement

We all hear about fiber so often but not many of us know its true benefits to the body, besides it helps increase regular bowel movements.

Dietary fiber is not digested in most cases after it is consumed, it by passes that particular function and goes straight down to the colon. Here it will either add bulk to your stool or be fed to the healthy and just gut bacteria helping them function at their maximum potential. This is an irreplaceable component of a long term healthy diet. As it improves digestion, meaning it gets rid of all the things that do not belong in the body faster.

With one cup of raw beets being equivalent to about 5.6 grams of dietary fiber it is a great fiber source. Beets can keep your body regular, which in my opinion, and in my case, daily bowel movements, a couple if you eat a lot. Beet juice helps prevent constipation, and other digestive issues like inflammatory bowel disease.

Cancer Fighting (Kind of)

I know, anytime someone says cancer fighting people immediately feel the information is suspect at past, so I will stick to the facts and you can take this with a grain of salt if it makes you feel better. This is not a cure for cancer, caner comes in many forms and it may not have an effect on each form. However, the facts are as follows:

  1. Beets have been shown to reduce and in some cases stop the growth and division of cancerous cells in some animals.
  2. A test tube study using beetroot extract and prostate and breast cancer cells reduced the growth of both
  3. Betalaines heave been shown to have chemo-preventive abilities against some forms of cancer

Betalaines are essential free radical hunters, they spend their time destroying unstable and toxic cells in the body and stabilizing others. There is plenty more time for research however, beet juice can’t hurt.


Beet Juice may help in your weight lost journey. Due to its high nutritious content and low calorie levels it is a perfect candidate. Not only will it provide you of the necessary vitamins and minerals your body requires for overall health and can do so with the empty calories that generally accompany them.

Not only that but the aid in your digestion and increase in bowel movements will also play a large role in your weight lose goals.

The increase in your stamina and strength as well as the lower blood pressure and nitric oxide boost will allow your body to workout for longer periods, increasing the calories and fat you can burn with every workout.

These effects combine should put a large dent in your weight loss goals when you exercise, hydrate and eat a healthy yet sustainable diet.

Beetroot Juice will Change your Life

The benefits of beet juice are insurmountable. Just look at the things you have read in the past few minutes, Beetroot juice may:

  1. Lower your blood pressure
  2. Fight against inflammation
  3. Increase brain function
  4. Improve athletic performance/ability
  5. Aid Digestion
  6. Help with Weight-Loss
  7. Possible Fight Cancer Cells

This does not include the fact that it is delicious, easy to add to your diet, incredibly delicious, full of healthy plant compounds and pigments, and easily accessible. The benefits of beet juice are practically endless and now is the best time to incorporate it into your lifestyle.

Try it today if you haven’t already and tell me how you feel about it below. Always remember, your only as great as you allow yourself to be.

Also, If you are one of the people who worries about side effects of new supplements and superfoods good for you, Take a look at the possible side effects of this powerful root.

For those of you who don’t have the time to juice beets daily or don’t own a juicer, don’t give up on beet juice yet, I have a solution for you. Underneath are the best beet juice powders that I am familiar with. Any one of them will give you the benefits you are looking for without the full ordeal of juicing. Just add the powder to a smoothie, juice or even water if your less concerned about taste. Personally, I just hold water in my mouth and dump a scoop, swish and swallow, but i am a man on the go, you don’t have to be as dramatic.

As Always, It was a Pleasure.

Stan- Founder Asparagus Tips

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