Apple Cider Vinegar How To: What You’ve Been Missing

A wide array of people have used vinegar for a multitude of reasons up until this point. The main use it had in my household was cleaning. Its all natural and is a natural disinfect, so it was perfect. It was also used to remove water rings on wood tables, wipe down leather furniture etc.

The thing is, Vinegar has far more potent uses then most people know. It is a vital supplement for everyday living if natural health is what you are looking for

Today in this Apple Cider Vinegar How To, I will walk you through so of the vital uses of the vinegar in everyday life.

What Is Apple Cider Vinegar?

It is essentially a vinegar made from apple cider. Cider is a fruit beverage made from apples just like apple juice however, it remains raw and unfiltered, containing pulp and other particles that would generally be removed from the drink.

In order to ferment the cider yeast and other bacteria are added to the cider causing the sugars to turn into alcohol. Acetic acid bacteria are then added which alters the chemistry of the alcohol making it a vinegar and giving it its sour taste. You are left with Apple Cider Vinegar (keep in mind this is the shortest explanation).

Now onto the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar in everyday life.


Everything comes with a cost and Apple Cider Vinegar is no exception. I will go through the negatives that I have experienced. Keep in mind everyone is different so know your body and pay attention when trying new things.

1. Smell- If you are uninitiated this might alter your world. My first few attempts with it when I was a kid almost ruined my life. I’m being dramatic, but it was awful. It has a very intense smell almost like a liquid decay. The type that can burn your nostrils. However, I am initiated now I give it a sniff daily with no effects. It literally has no effect on me whatsoever anymore

2. Taste- The taste can putrefy the spirits of even the most courageous individuals. I’m being dramatic again in case you didn’t know. It does taste bad, and it will burn the lining of your esophagus all the way down. It’s like drink a cold fire the first few times. But, once again I am Initiated, I drink it straight and I actually like the strange taste it possesses.

3. Stomach Pain- It may and probably will burn your stomach the first few times. Just monitor it and make sure the pain isn’t increasing over the use of the vinegar. I have an iron stomach but the first time I was like “what is happening here”, it went away after about a minute.

4. Burning- It will probably burn when placed on any wound, scratch, etc (acne included). Just be aware of this and don’t panic. I splash it on my face daily and I don’t feel a thing.

How Can Vinegar Help?

The Vinegar we are discussing refers to Apple Cider Vinegar with the “mother”. The “mother” refers to the multitude of healthy bacteria, enzymes and strands of protein that reside in the Vinegar.

Bacteria Killer

Apple Cider Vinegar has been know to kill a wide array of bacteria, including some of the most dangerous like e.coli. This is why it can be used as a cleaning solution. This also means it can be used on:

  • small scrapes and wounds
  • warts
  • foot fungus
  • fingernail fungus
  • ear infections
  • small skin ailments etc.

This list is just the basics as far as applications go. Think of almost any negative affliction on the body and it is more times then not caused by bacteria. You can use this as a wash to help with acne or dilute it a bit as a spray for dandruff etc. Use it as a natural mouth wash for cold sores and things of that nature. The applications are endless.

Preservation of Food

Being a bacteria killer Vinegar can also play a very large role in helping keep your food safe. Apple Cider Vinegar will inhibit the growth of a large demographic of bacteria on food and spoiling therefore it can be used as a natural preservative. For instance, if you made a beet and cabbage salad that you were unable to finish, instead of throwing it away, pickle it in an apple cider vinegar solution and enjoy it safely later.

Weight loss and Dieting

Most people don’t believe that something as simple as vinegar can help with these things but I assure you it can and will from my own experiences and from training a wide array of people.

You do have to follow instructions in order for this to work for you effectively so pay attention. (1 serving is a tablespoon)

  1. 1 Serving when you wake up (Should also drink 8 ounces of water, it alters your body chemistry for the day 🙂 )
  2. Have 1 serving before every large meal (You don’t have to do it for snacks)
  3. Have 1 serving before bed (Should also drink 8 ounces of water, because why not)

Now you can also do the simple method of just having 1 serving before your biggest meal of the day, but why be normal when been extraordinary is just as simple.

What the apple cider vinegar does is increases satiety. Meaning it makes you feel full quicker. Now keep in mind you should not be eating past the point of satisfaction and if you do, this will obviously do nothing. By satisfaction, I mean your body does not need nourishment anymore, aka you are no longer hungry. Not what you believe is being satisfied because that can mean anything (ex finishing tour plate, after dessert etc).

Lower Blood Sugar Levels

High blood sugar levels are linked to many chronic diseases including diabetes as well as premature aging. This means everyone can benefit from keeping neutral blood sugar levels.

The easiest way to achieve this feat is by avoid refined sugars and carbohydrates. As we know the majority of the population is unwilling to do that, which is where apple cider vinegar comes into play.

Apple Cider Vinegar can improve insulin sensitivity while lowering blood sugar and insulin responses if 1 serving is taken before high carb meals. It can also reduce fasting blood sugar levels in the morning if taken before going to sleep. Essentially, if you follow the weight loss and dieting steps 1-3 you will lower your blood sugar levels.

Heart Health For the Win

As most of us now, heart disease is the destroyer of worlds. It is considered the most common cause of death (premature) in the world.

Apple Cider vinegar has been shown to lower cholesterol with consistent ingestion. As previously discussed, it also helps with curbing appetite, lowering of blood sugar levels while increasing insulin sensitivity and helping with weight loss. This all ties to improved heart health, which should be a goal on every ones list.

Apple Cider is not the fountain of youth, but it has a wide array of benefits to offer outside of making a tasty vinaigrette. Be sure to pay attention to your body when trying anything new. You know yourself better than I ever will.

Thank you for stopping by and tell me about your Apple Cider Vinegar experiences below.

As Always, It was a Pleasure.

Stan-Founder Asparagus Tips


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