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Hello everyone and welcome to my Plant-Based Nutrition website.

I am a UCLA All-American former student-athlete. Nutrition has been running through my veins almost since birth as I started my first sport at 4 and began traveling across the world competing since I was 5.

From that time forward nutrition has been stamped into my marrow and as much apart of me as my eye color. It seems to go hand in hand with High level competition and I breathed both as If I needed the pair for sustenance.

I acquired my first state record at the age of 7 and ended my collegiate career as an All-American, Regional Runner-up, and PAC 10 Champion with a plethora of records spread amongst the schools i have attended.

During that time I have had the pleasure of dealing with the highest caliber athletes, trainers, nutritionist, masseurs, doctors, strength and conditioned coaches etc available to anyone in the world. From them I have absorbed everything that they had to offer.

Now I want to give back. I know the way to building a better body, whether that be losing weight, gaining muscle, general health or the like and this is where I can give you my insight.

My Fitness Journey

I was fortunate enough to have nutrition indoctrinated into me from a young age through competition. Less than 1% of population is blessed with such a gift. I know the pain of being what I considered “in shape” only to find out that Olympian shape is a much harder feat to reach.

I’ve had diets so strict even a few almonds more than my allotted amount would end in being chastized and run into the ground. A life where 4 miles at 7 minute pace was a warm up. A world where half a percent of body fat made all the difference.

Nutrition is a habit for me now. I don’t even have to think about it.

Unfortunately for most it is uncharted territory. It seems daunting, it’s unknown and results are slight if they ever show themselves before most people give up.

I’m here to change all that.

The Chains of Habit

“The Chains of Habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken” -Samuel Johnson

Much like my life thus far, your life, up until this point has formed habits. Everyone will have a different set of circumstances. Possible negative habits could be a lack of exercise or an unhealthy diet, while positive ones could be drinking 10 bottles of water daily or taking the stairs instead of elevator at your job.

My gift is being able to circumvent the general trial and error process associated with finding the right supplement, losing weight, gaining muscle and strength, and increasing your vitality, because I know the products, I know the foods and I know the exercises.

Breaking habits or even just forming new ones is as simple as walking through the door I opened for you.

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect, Not Practice Alone

I’ve learned through my upbringing as well as training people and being a nutrition coach that doing something will never make you good at it, if you’re doing it wrong.

Allow me to elaborate: If you spend 3 hours daily at the gym for years doing exercises improperly, taking breaks that are too long and taking supplements that are not useful for you, you can literally have so few results that you don’t even notice they are taking place or possibly regress due to diet and stress from lack of results. While I can go to the gym for less than 4 hours a week and get all the results I wanted and more.

Think about it like this if you were on a mission to catch 100 moths and you knew nothing about them, you could search for years and never reach your goal. Now the same scenario with me as your guide: I explain that moths are nocturnal and they are attracted to artificial light. You would hit your goal that night if you followed my instructions.

This website is your guide to greatness, whether you are Vegan, Vegetarian, or on a conventional diet my purpose is showing you the way to your goals.

If you ever have any questions, or want to tell your

story feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Founder of Plant-Based Nutrition

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